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Siilk Gallery, Athens, solo exhibition, October 2021(most likely to be post-poned to 2022 due to COVID) - Trinity (2020)

The Beaney, Canterbury, UK, Group exhibition 2020 - Single image, Sense of Self (2020) 

Swiss Art Expo, August 2020, Group exhibition (single image, Dreamland, 2020) 

London College of Communications, 2018, Group exhibition (single image, Faded Tangerine)

Trinity (2020) encapsules three possible stages of oneself: innocence, discovery and
dread. Innocence as the 
childhood, the possible idealisation of what the future could be, the blooming of curiosity. Discovery (teenage years) as the loss of naiveness and the realisation of what the real world might be, heart-breaks that come in many forms, departures, detachments. Finally, Dread - a form of transition into adulthood, search for settlement, acceptance of the pressures of the world, aware of its wonders but consumed by the rush, the pace, the unwritten rules. The now Adult, overwhelmed by responsibilities, pursues, failures and worldly conflicts that are so easily accessible by the ever-connectedness in the 21st century. 

Childhood 01_Dreamaland_Lidia Huerta.jpg
Adulthood _ 03_Lidia Huerta.jpg
Teenage Years 03 Lidia Huerta.jpg

Sense of Self (2020) a reflection of a pause during chaotic times. The realisation that for a long while, one might have been absorbed by the rushes of living in a big city, forgetting to take time to themselves, to take a pause. A moment for stillness, something that for some, the pandemic has brought. 

Sense of Self _ Lidia Huerta.jpg

Dreamland (2020) aims to cover my own dreams of colour, light and paradise into a single image. A world far away that keeps coming back to my mind at night. One day, as an adventure in the recent days of travel aperture after lockdown in central London, I was traveling in Kent when I came across a beautiful scenery of horses running through and intense clouds in the back, almost like my dream. I captured it as the place that, in a way, had replicated my dream. I edited the lights as my mind often sees them. I was struggling with depression during that time, I wonder if all I needed was nature and my mind was screaming so. 

Dreamland  (10 of 1).jpg

Faded Tangerine (2017): just like life's most savour some moments, one day they happen, the next day they're gone. Just like people we love, one day we get to spend time with them, another they might fade away. Like a tangerine, a sweet, beautiful, colourful, juicy element that disappears into our mouth and looses its tangible existence. 

Faded Tangerine.jpg
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