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lidia huerta
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My name is Lidia, I am a Catalan and Peruvian photographer, writer, creative developer and researcher. Currently, I am based in London (UK) and Lleida (Catalonia)


My journey into the arts, specifically writing and photography, started very early on in my childhood and the interest for it hasn't changed. I am passionately curious about people, meaning,  nature, colour and light.


I like trying out various processes though I am not a technical photographer. I take photos through instinct, experimentation and heart; it's the one art form where I'm not over thinking, I'm just feeling. I have recently been exploring conceptual themes along with storytelling through images and have an exhibition lined up in Silk Gallery Athens for the next year. 

I graduated in 2019 with a  degree in film and television at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. I specialised in screenwriting and casting direction and did my dissertation on Film as Therapy. During my time in university, I developed a pilot episode for a show called Young Family & developed a pilot factual episode called Mental: Comedians & Mental Health, featuring Kemah Bob. 

In 2018, I also became the Curation Manager for TEDx UAL, and got on board a fantastic line-up of renown speakers - the event was held at the Museum of London. Some of the speakers included: Rebekah Roy, Chris Vlassis, Darren Stanton, Gordon Berger and Eliza Hatch. All from different backgrounds, I helped them throughout months to plan and draft their speech as well as rehearse and structure their delivery. 

I am now studying for my Master of Arts in Applied Imagination in The Creative Industries at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. My end of the masters project is a self-narrative book seeking to support caregivers whose mothers are currently going through a rare cancer type. Other projects that I have developed include the audio series TogetherTales: Stories to beat Loneliness (Spotify). 

You can find me having a cafe con leche under the sun, laughing, philosophising about big existential topics or about just plain non sense, playing hide and seek with friends, at an immersive gallery, at a concert, taking photos, going to an indie movie screening, writing by a canal or just going for a long walk in nature listening to the most random playlist. 

I'm incredibly fascinated by the unplanned, movement, identity, love, connectedness to nature and mental health. 

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