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  • Lidia Huerta

On Hopefulness

Hopefulness is a sign of strength in a time where bad news are abundant. In a time where hopelessness would be an easy but dreadful cure, a time where apathy could take the place of the overwhelming sensation of information overload. In a time where we have the most access to the atrocities of the world, to the reality of those in power, a time in which we are the most aware ever, we can't emotionally give up on what it means to be human. We have to hold on to hope.

Hold on to the possibilities of humanity and all of its power to change life for the better, little by little. The individual, the collective, the real people have always been the ones to create and achieve impactful change, mostly in times of despair.

It is by hoping, creating, re-imagining what a world could look like that we can start acting towards it. There are reasons to stay hopeful, we just need to find those tailored to us. However, hopefulness without action is a waste of possibilities and hopelessness without action is to negate our capacity to improve.

Change, improvement - I know you'd like to see it. I'd like to see it too. And while we can, we can start local, we can start small.

We can start with those we love. With those who need us. Every heart we touch is an opportunity to spread meaning. Every word we say is a determinant of the course of a relationship. The messages we share can spread reality of deception, love or hate. We've got power. You might not feel it, I certainly didn't, but we do and we must make use of it.

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