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  • Lidia Huerta

A Tale about Loneliness: Appreciation Day

There was a man who would avoid every single call

He didn’t really know why but he felt removed from everything around

Drowned in work, he would type non stop

He often wondered why he felt like he didn’t fit in this world

He tried therapy once but never really followed up

He was scared of saying something wrong and he didn’t know why

One early morning a loud news hologram woke him up

“It’s March 23rd of 2040” a deep voice announced

“We are remembering the 20 years since the covid 19 crisis” “a fight we had to endure together”, “the international day of appreciation begins as of now” -

“remember to hug, call, plant a tree or say thank you to anyone you wish; it’s our day to appreciate life and the people around”

He looked out of his window and saw people gathering

He wished to join but didn’t know how

He thought of himself as awkward and would just ruin everyone’s time

But - suddenly a loud knock was heard through his door

A young woman in her 20s smiling bright

“Is it Gael? Gael Martinez?” She said nervously

“I’m Jack’s daughter, the man you helped during the covid19 outbreak 20 years ago. I was four, he was vulnerable and you brought groceries to our door”

“all throughout that year, you were the best neighbour”

Gael was silent and in shock. How can she remember? He thought

He wished to open the door but had not done that in so long.

She slides a picture under the door, it’s one of Gael, Jack and her walking along

“II wish to thank you and tell you that my family appreciates you” “if you ever need anything please let me know - even if it is just to talk, or listen, or to walk”

Gael picks up the picture, his heart beating fast.

He takes one step forward ready to reach out.

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